July 2008


BioEdge Wands and Potions
By Keith Kaufman

At right: BioEdge scents are made from concentrated solutions of oils, pheremones and amino acids extracted from natural baits such as herring, bunker, eels, bloodworms, crabs, squid and sandworms, and they provide tantalizing scent trails that attract many of our favorite species, including stripers.

Wands and potions? Sounds like something you’d expect to read in a Harry Potter novel or Halloween tale. But these interesting concoctions are all about catching fish, and they’re quickly growing in popularity among inshore, offshore and freshwater fishermen.

The BioEdge Wands and Potions developed by the Seabait Company are fish-attracting scents made from all-natural oils and acids from baitfish, crustaceans and other critters that fish just love to eat. They can be quickly and neatly applied to all types of lures and even bait.

Potions are liquids that come in plastic bottles so a few drops can be squeezed directly onto a lure or bait. Or, better yet, put some potion in a plastic baggie, drop in a lure, seal the baggie and allow the lure to soak. This works well with soft plastic baits, especially when a hook point is used to poke a few small holes in the bait, enabling it to soak up and dispense even more potion.

During the early spring catch-and-release striper season on Susquehanna Flats, when live or fresh baits are all but impossible to obtain and frozen baits must be used, I drip some potion on frozen bait. The strong scent dramatically increases the effectiveness of frozen bait as it attracts stripers and prompts them to strike.

BioEdge Wands come in solid form, and they look like and are used like Chapstick. Like the potions, wands are made from concentrated oil, plus a natural solidifying agent that makes it easy to rub it on a metal or hard plastic lure. A good coating will provide the lure with a long-lasting fish-attracting scent.

Seabait, originally a marine worm farm in Maine, poured years of research and testing into the development of its unique “concentrated solutions of oils, pheromones and amino acids extracted from natural baits” that are used to create the potions and wands.

And what an impressive lineup of potions and wands they have come up with. For example, striper fishermen will be particularly interested in the herring, bunker, eel and bloodworm attractants. For flounder fishermen, there are squid and mackerel potions and wands. Crab and shrimp scents are especially effective on seatrout, red drum and tautog. Other attractants include clam, sandworm, shiner, night crawler, crayfish, frog, minnow, insect larva, salmon egg and smelt.

I will trailer my boat to Lake Ontario to fish for king salmon and steelhead over the Fourth of July weekend, and I’m looking forward to using the potions and wands to score more salmon. I will use a wand to coat my trolling spoons with a herring scent. My downrigger balls will also receive periodic coatings of herring scent. I may also soak a rag in herring potion, then attach the rag to the clip that holds the downrigger ball. As we troll, the spoons, balls and rag will disburse a long, wide scent trail that will grab salmon by the nose and pull them to my spread of spoons and trolling flies. I’ll let you know how well it works in an upcoming issue of Chesapeake Angler.

In addition to providing a practically irresistible scent, BioEdge Potions and Wands also cover unwanted human odors that come from handling lures and baits. They’re also easy to apply and use – the scent goes directly on the bait, not you, so you don’t come home smelling like a human chum slick.

While the innovative potions and wands will attract fish and draw strikes under all conditions, they become even more valuable when fish get finicky. BioEdge Wands and Potions will last an entire season as long as they are stored out of direct sunlight.

For more information on these productive fish scents, call 1-800-783-7002, or visit www.bioedgefishing.com.



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